5 thoughts on “Thanks for checking on us as we tour the USA!

  1. donna

    Hey Dina! Sounds like an awesome stop in LA. I must say I am surprised to hear such rave reviews about your park; as we lived in LA for awhile (Lafayette) and the state is not typically known for having nice roads, parks, etc so I think you guys hit the jackpot! This could post twice as I thought I posted something yesterday, but must have done something wrong. Anyhoo, hope the house you’re staying in Tampa doesn’t have a “creeper” for an owner! Can’t believe we almost stayed in that house in Cincy! ha! Save travels, girlfriend!

  2. Tracy Hollingsworth

    Miss you already! Sorry you are having to do repairs already……there must be some great reason you are going to be staying in a house in Florida. Part of the adventure!!! Becky and I had a 4 hour match Fri, we both had a tall boy beer after we survived. Ha Ha Happy Trails….

  3. Suzanne

    Hi Dina,
    It sounds like you are eating (and drinking!) very well! YUM. I love the blogs so keep them coming.
    Your friends miss you bunches. Safe travels.



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